Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First P:C video launched!


today's a big day! The very first, glorious video has been uploaded to the Province: Cyrodiil Youtube channel. It features lots of greatness! Beware the bloom!

Click it! Now!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Claim Mesa 2

Oh my!

Long time no see! Or no read, rather. Can you believe it? The mesa is back! The infamous monstrosity is returning in an ever so glorious manner! Behold!

This only took me about three or four weeks. I had some time off so I thought I might as well finish it quickly as I had lots of motivation for some good old exterior modding. Turned out rather well, I shall say. You'll be able to find the piece of land to the west, very much on the border to High Rock, and if that doesn't tell you anything, let's just say it's to the northwest of my first mesa.

This new mesa is largely made of the same, dirty, sometimes grassy look with giant trees peaking out and reaching for the sky above them. The spiffy landscape is interrupted by old Reachmen villages. They were among the last things I made in this claim.
Other than that, we have one wilderness cave, a Breton tower ruin, some foodhut thingy in the wilderness, a somewhat hidden Reachmen wayshrine for miscellaneous offerings and, of course, the super awesome barrow of awesomeness. It has waterfalls! You'll recognize some of the shapes from TES:V's barrows (which are super neat). Worsas the Mighty remodeled quite a bit of that stuff for the Morrowind engine.

Moreover, on top of this mesa, you'll find a magnificent hybrid between a small Reachmen hamlet and an ancient Direnni ruin. I thought it looked a bit bland at first, but after adding the details and quite a bit of vertex color (as always) it actually looked half-decent. Enough to satisfy myself, at least.
As you might have noticed, the focus here was to further shape the culture of the natives of the Reach, the Reachmen. For instance, I have made a cremation site in one of the villages where they burn their dead.

In between the villages, you will find an arrangement of rocks similar to Stonehenge. This is a sacred place the Reachmen often visit. It is supposed to look makeshifted, in case you were wondering.

Not sure what else there is to say about this! You should rather take a look at the screenshots before you start hitting your table with your head because silly old Scamp is telling stories again.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 12


today we are looking at something you have never seen before! A Karthwasten interior! ... no? Fine.

Even though everyone ought to be pretty tired of these, I decided to make another post about another Karthwasten interior I finished. The inhabitant is a quite wealthy Imperial historian writing about Karthwasten (its history mostly, duh). He seems to be having a passion for a lot of papers and books and also plants in planters and silverware vases.

Finished this one fairly quickly for my standards once I have started working on it. Before that, it was just gathering dust in my Morrowind folder. The former claimant was Muspila the Mighty Modeler, who dropped the claim due to unknown reasons. I used his shell and added my own touch by giving it some lively clutter.

Speaking of clutter... take a look at the goodies!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stirk: PC_i1-7


Today we are looking at a rich Altmer woman's home in the Stirk upper district.

"Calmanwe used to someone of fairly significant importance in the city of Sunhold in the Summerset Isles. However, over the course of her long life she grew weary of politics. The death of her husband prompted her to leave Sunhold and retire somewhere quiet and out of the way. She chose Stirk."

Having said this, I tried to have some kind of Altmeri feeling going on by stacking flipped over arches from the vanilla com_set. Not sure if I succeeded in the end, but it does look fancy, so at least it was worth something.
Anyway, this person is SUPER RICH. Like, Jay-Z rich (ugh). It was one of my goals for this interior to bring across how huge the difference in wealth is when comparing people like Calmanwe to anyone living in the poor districts. You could probably compare it to New York City in the early 20s. Kinda.

Of course that means there's also lots of loot in this interior! Mostly gold, but who doesn't like to just have some gold coins rather than being forced to sell all the crap to local merchants in order to get the big money? Right. Be careful though... there will likely be some hired guards around, and killer traps watch over treasures in the storage and the bedroom.

Have fun with these screens. They have turned out better than I had hoped, overall.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013



I have claimed a whole lot of stuff yesterday, so hopefully I can get some more posts up when these are finished.

For now, enjoy your hot summer days! I have some extra shots that were lying about on my hard drive without being of much use. Take a look!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Stirk: PC_i1-16


This is going to be my last post before I am off to Croatia tomorrow morning (for two weeks, that is). That said, enjoy this little piece of information about this poor fisherman's house. Two people live in here, actually.

To be perfectly honest, I don't think I have the time to post detailed information about the claim in here due to holiday preparations and all that. I can link you through to the appropriate threads though, here and here.

However, I would never post about an interior without taking screenshots! Here you go. I am aware that there are some missing textures at that fireplace, I can't be bothered to deal with that now though. Have some nice weeks and enjoy the freedom of not being pestered by Scamp's blog posts. I'll be back soon enough, though.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Scamp's Fern v2.0

Oh my!

It's teh Fern... it's here to blow your mind. Something like that.

Anyway, I recently started working on this bad boy again and it's kinda done. Still has a lot too many faces, I guess, I don't really mind though.

Was a pain in my ass to figure out how to add the alpha channel to the texture and how to set the flags in Nifskope and all that. Feels good to have accomplished something like this! Even though it's not a very complex model.

It comes with six different textures, so make sure to check out the screens below. If you ever comment on blogs, feel free to leave a comment with your personal favourite.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 61


good ol' Karthwasten interiors, they never get boring.

This time, I made a poor home of an Argonian herder! He lives in this shrouded house of awesomeness just by himself. I actually thought he had moonsugar in one of the barrels when I checked the interior ingame, but it was just the rather misleading icon of our cloudy corn.

Anyway, he has a wooden staff, candles, broken crates and all that fun stuff. Not a very interesting interior overall, but I tried to come up with some cool things, such as iron hooks attached to ropes hanging from the ceiling.

Sorry for the darkness on those screens, my new color palette kind of messes up interiors when it comes to that.

Also: These are the first interior screenshots shown on this blog using the new per-pixel lighting feature from MGE XE! Beautiful stuff.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013



as many of you might not know, I have been working on Stirk again within the last two weeks in order to prepare for our next release, which will be the full version with NPCs, quests, additional seafloor and all that fun stuff. Next, the file will be passed on to SamirA for some interior fixes, and he'll send it straight on to Terrifying Daedric Foe for the hard work.

We've received a few error reports that have been quite helpful overall with eliminating any kinds of issues there might be with the Stirk exterior. I did find a lot more, though.

To sum it all up, I fixed a whole lot of errors regarding terrain, object placement, groundcover, ground textures, all of that. Plus, I added a smallish pond next to the Stirk chapel and made a neat trickle thing for it, too. Apart from a couple of general terrain and object fixes, I also adjusted a lot of the clutter throughout the town to satisfy not only all the whiners out there, but also myself at some point. I can assure you that it looks much better now.

Furthermore, I merged Stirk with all the seafloor claims, including the large area I might have shown off on this blog a while back.

Anyway there's probably a lot more that I should list that I forgot about, like replacing vanilla containers with our own ones and replacing vanilla chimneys with custom Stirk ones, much to tell about. I didn't keep my list though, so this must suffice.

On another note: I have set up my Morrowind from scratch again! Yay! It was kinda broken after a certain time period of messing with it a little too much. That said, this new setup doesn't have custom weather colors yet, but it has a beautiful sun and a new custom enb color palette that I made. Feel free to stay for some screens, as usual.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Reach Interior Cut v2 - Screenshot Session

Happy times!

Lestat has recently kicked out the new Reach Cut for interior builders... and I thought I'd run around some and take screens for ya'll. Exterior shots only.

Enjoy, as always!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Needs moar Gold Coast

Changed a few settings. Switched enb palette, added distant blur. Results below!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 28


New interior. Actually, the interesting thing is:

8:07 pm claimed
9:51 pm submitted

Impressive, no? No? Hm.

Anyway, this is our first windmill interior! It might actually be the first windmill interior ever in Morrowind, though you shouldn't quote me on that. (Seriously though, did vanilla have windmills? I haven't played this game for such a long time...)
Not a big deal, really. It has wheat, gears, clutter and flour. I decided to claim this bad boy this evening and quickly finished it. The interior really is small. I took 3 screenshots and I think you can see everything on these that there is in the whole cell.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 84


so today we've got something rather special! No retired Imperial Legion knights, no secret witchers, no loved ones.
Today I present you - the Redguard bakery!

Not what you expected? Aw. It's real pretty though! It has an area for making bread, one area for selling bread, and one area for enjoying the off-time. What more do you need?
Again, this is a very neat tileset. Especially the rather decorative screens and arches add to the atmosphere. We also have a new flour ingredient that you'll be able to pick up in abundance here.

Now screens!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brina Cross


As you might have already guessed, this post is about Brina Cross. But what exactly is that?

Well, you might know this name from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It was a smallish inn along the Gold Road, a place for restless adventurers to ... well, rest (that was awkward). And it wasn't exactly big. Like, one single building, rather small, too.
Since our Cyrodiil is going to be a whole lot bigger than the one shown in Oblivion, we didn't only consider adding more towns in general, no, we also thought about transforming tiny inns along roads into full-grown towns.
Brina Cross Inn, or just Brina Cross now, has been successfully transformed into a smallish, Caldera-sized town. It's location is a significant spot as three different roads meet, so it might get a lot of traffic every now and then.
Now let's turn to the process of building this town. It's basically a healthy mix between Caldera and Old Ebonheart (you might know this from Tamriel Rebuilt, if you don't, you're missing out on something). I liked the idea of putting a lot of houses very close to one another to create a dense, busy atmosphere. Combine that with a half-decent amount of clutter and you're good to go! Eh.
I also included a few of our new Gold Coast houses, as the name suggests, these are small buildings specifically made to fit into this very region. Just a few of those around, they make for a nice poor quarter, if you can even say that in a town of this size.
Lots of ivy around! I wanted to give this town a natural, overgrown look. Pain in the ass to place these things, though. Now take a look at these screens. More than usual, I just couldn't get enough.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 20

Hi there,

back with another Karthwasten interior! You are going to be looking at a Nord trader right in the middle of the city. Tricky exterior, but nothing I can't handle. Maybe I makeshifted a bit too much again, but that's just what I do and what I'm known for. The recent adjustments Muspila has made to our tileset (especially the transition pieces and columns) have been incredibly useful here and spared me a lot of work.

Anyway! This is actually nothing special, just one of those places you're likely to visit over and over again to sell your immensely useful loot. Sells basic misc items, food, cheap armor/weapons and cheap potions. Sounds quite cheap, no? He also has apples.

Have fun with those screenshots.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

PC_i1-0: Census & Excise

Hi again!

Before I head off for a short vacation time of sorts, I'll be dropping another blog post with spiffy screens for you to look at. This time around, we are going to glance at the Census and Excise office in Stirk.

Now who doesn't remember the Census and Excise of Seyda Neen! The first thing you see in this game after leaving that ship with the Dunmer coward. I tried to stick somewhat true to the original vanilla style of this place, while implementing new things and elements. Of course, this thing has a lot more clutter and detail overall. Each cell (there's two of them) has around 650-700 object references.

I divided this claim into two parts: Mostly because the exterior (bashing myself, yay!) had a silly ass round tower incorporated into a rectangular building. Blasphemy! I gave the interior piece a quick look and decided to makeshift an octagonal shell in a seperate shell, much easier (and also more impressive...)

First cell has general bureaucratic garbage flying around all over the place, this should be where the big stuff is at. The two upper floors consist of the guard quarters and a little saloon of sorts. Fancy.

Second cell (the octagonal beauty) has a storage in the upper part, while the main area is the C&E archives. Lots of books! I think I counted around 120, cluttered around five shelves. Along with some misc items, this area does look like a well-preserved (...) and oldish archive thingy. I'm certain people will enjoy it.

Other than not having annoying voices telling you how interesting and not quite being capable of being released you are, there's not much to say about this interior. Ran into some trouble testing this baby because collision's fucked up with our doors, someone gotta fix that before the next release starts rolling out.

Have fun, and take care.

Friday, March 22, 2013

[Lulz] More Gold Coast Screens? Sure.

I know, I know.

These areas are becoming boring, right? But I have nothing else to show at the moment! No complaining allowedz.
Actually, I've been busy doing interior reviews for Karthwasten at Skyrim - Home of the Nords, as well as making ShotN and Province: Cyrodiil interior claims (one for each, actually...).

Thus, no progress on the Northern Gold Coast has been made. We are still looking at the area around Brina Cross, expect me to work on that soon enough. I'll be on vacation (lol, again?) next week, but stay tuned after that! I'll be having something extra special for you guys, too. I know some people are interested in seeing my MGE setup in something other than screenshots.

In other words: This is old stuff, but it's fancy. A few screenshots I took while trying some stuff out, related to my little extra surprise! It's gonna take a little while (a few weeks...) until I get that ready though.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 95


I'm back with a fancy Karthwasten interior for Skyrim - Home of the Nords. There are plenty of those to pick up, so I'll make sure you better not get tired of seeing posts about them!

I figured I'd pick this one up while reviewing the countless piles of to-be-reviewed interiors sitting on the boards D: Our modders are way too active. (Hah, not that I should be complaining about that)

Anyway! This is a farmer's farmhouse (duh). It has plenty of apples and a lot of cloudy corn, too. Pain in the ass to place these ingredients in baskets, that's for sure. Actually took me around half an hour straight to make this little thing. Not a big deal at all. Just something to keep you guys busy reading it.

-> Screenshot time!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Gold Coast screenshots!

Yay for progress!

This one is a major accomplisment. I managed to complete another 5 or 6 cells, bringing me up north to the natural border to the Colovian Highlands, which is going to be our fourth planned release (if I remember correctly). That sounds pretty weird as we haven't even fully released Stirk yet, I know. That's why this is a major accomplishment! I won't be working on this area for quite a while after being entirely done with these cells.

Brina Cross, a medium-sized Colovian town, is just a few cells nearby. I might be working on that soon, so stay tuned for more screenshots coming within the next weeks (hopefully, if I can be bothered).

Anyway! Most of the following screenshots, which I am sure who are all eager to see now, show a ruined imperial outpost. The idea behind this is that it's a haunted place that the Legion doesn't dare to take back - yet. That's where the player might come in.
Lots of creepy noises and green flashlights! Hah. I forgot to add spiderwebs at this point though. Shall do that later on.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gold Coast Screenshot Session #11

Ho! Screenshot time.

Having finished some new areas around Garlas Agea, I thought I'd share some spiffy screenshots my Morrowind spat out. As always, it has plenty of Garlas Agea shots because I just can't restist! Have fun now.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 22


'nother one finished. This interior is going to be located in Karthwasten, a mighty city built by a mighty Praedator.

Other than that, it's probably of importance that the inhabitant is a Nord Master of Arms. He trains people from all around Karthwasten and even from further away in Axe, Longsword, and Blunt. Once this interior is implemented, feel free to learn some more in these fields from this mighty dude in this magnificent interior.

The layout is designed to be something a bit less common and boring, so I made a fancy atrium of some sorts, because we have such an amazing tileset by Muspila the Worsas! Yay for him.

And now screens.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mesa: Natural Cave


I recently claimed this small cave for Skyrim - Home of the Nords. Well, in comparison to the last one I did, it's pretty small. Anyway, I decided I'd make a grotto with the only purpose of looking pretty. To be fair, there's also a bunch of treasures and loot hidden in it... you might see some valuable stuff in the screens.

The cave is located on a large mesa in the south-west of the Reach, an exterior I have finished some time ago, as you might remember.

So, this interior is pretty. As always, it has tons of stalactites and rocks, and this time, it has waterfalls, too! Yay!
Don't ask me about the textures, it's a retexture mod I'm using, and I really don't know anymore which one.

On other news: I don't just have some screenies this time around, but something better (not that screenshots wouldn't be nice enough already). This time, I got a video.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm back. And imageshack sucks.


If you are still watching this blog, congratz! And thanks for your support. Happy New Year, too.

I have recently picked up work at Province: Cyrodiil and Skyrim: Home of the Nords again. Keep in mind I am not with Tamriel Rebuilt at this point anymore because of massive frustration with certain claims at some point, as well as major disagreements with the core. There will be some new content to be added soon, currently working on two claims for ShotN (one cave that is basically finished and a house in Karthwasten) and work on the Gold Coast is being continued with as well.

In other news, I also recorded some footage of me walking around said cave. Will be on this blog, too. Expect more videos.

Now, another reason I am making this post (other than telling you I am not dead, lol) is because obviously (as you might have noticed) imageshack is fucked up a lot lately. As in, they remove old uploads and resize older images, too.
This, I do not like. Means I got tons of work to do in this place, reuploading all the images in the posts to blogger directly. I don't feel like wasting my time and mental health with these image hosting "services" any further.

Stay tuned! Feel free to leave a comment to let me know I still have people watching this blog.