Thursday, November 25, 2010


Snow! Winter is coming!

This is a snowy exterior claim! Being part of the Velothi Mountains Region, it includes really high mountains, unclimbable steep terrain and nice valleys with pine trees in between.

The concept of this region is just damn awesome; I really enjoyed making this claim. It also features a nice cosy village I elevated a bit so that the player can have a nice overview of the whole area... if you want to see further, you have to use spells or high acrobatic skills to get to the intended lookout points high in the mountains. From there, you might see the whole map or even the whole Morrowind! :D
Furthermore, it has a nice transition between Southern Velothi Mountains and Northern Velothi Mountains (I dislike the latter a tiny bit, just because Southern Velothi Mountains is more awesome), as you may have noticed, Northern Velothi Mountains is more rocky and with almost no flora.
Quite many people have already stated they want to have quests requiring the player to travel around the Velothi Mountains and also a quest related to the nearby daedric ruin, which looks really amazing in the middle of these pine trees in my opinion.
Additionally, I had to add a bit of ashlandish stuff to the claim to match the surrounding ones, since the Velothi Mountains border the Roth Roryn and the Armun Ashlands at this point.
If you like the screenshots, stay tuned; I might be able to claim another Velothi Mountains claim with snow being further in the north, however I want to make a transition between Northern Velothi Mountains and Southern Velothi Mounains in the north again because stuff is just so damn beautiful.

Also, some of the following screenshots are somewhat older, don't mind any visible changes. Also, some screenshots do as always show some places of surrounding claims, so don't mind dwemer ruins etc. MGE distant land ftw

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