Monday, March 2, 2015

Karthwasten: Claim Cave 07


I know right. What can I say? Not been very active here, and it doesn't look like I'm going to be quite active in the coming months. It's not a decision I like to make, just a matter of being really, really busy and also a frequent lack of motivation. Not lacking inspiration... but you know how it goes. You need both for having fun and being successful at what you do, especially in the modding scene.

Let's move ahead and speak of more delightful matters: The glorious, infamous, magnificent, overwhelmingly gloomy and yet obnoxious, let alone mazy grotto, bearer of a hundred names and also an ever so consistent challenge for myself to finish. Finally I have done so. Claim Cave 07! Praised be thy name.

So what's this about this cave 07? Does it have cookies? No! It has doors... lots of them. I really can't judge myself how hard it'll be to solve this 'puzzle', if you wish to call it that, since I've created it with my own hands, but I can imagine it'll be quite hard if you take the wrong way one too many times. That said, these mysterious doors (which, as it turns out, have been taken straight out of Bloodmoon's final quest stage) will randomly teleport you all over the cave - just not where you'd want them to take you!
That is, one door will take you to the final chamber - quite a fine piece of interior work, if I shall say so myself. It will be inhabited only by a single person - a powerful, yet (initially) pieceful wizard. At first glance, you'd probably consider him a necromancer of the cruel, evil sort; but there's more to know about him! There should definitely be some unique dialogue rewarding the player for coming thus far. There's also some considerably valuable loot scattered around the final chamber, so it'll definitely be worth checking out in the release (hopefully) coming up. A little trivia for you - the architecture featured in the wizard's lair is built entirely out of Old Mournhold aqueducts. That stuff goes a long way!

As always, you can click below to see some screenshots (did you actually read all this stuff until here, anyway?)

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