Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There is an isolated little hlaalu plantation in the middle of the large Roth Roryn desert. In this plantation, a small farmer lives in his house, continuously doing his everyday job. He likes reading a lot, and he tends to be drunk in the late evening, which makes him scatter broken bottlepieces on the ground.
Not really an important claim, just a farmer's dwelling, I've done that int in exactly 2 hours, sometime this week.



Yeah people, it's time to let this blog come alive! I call myself Scamp. I am also a modder for Tamriel Rebuilt, the mighty  TES III modding project of awesomeness. There, I try to make rubbish shit which is completely awesome (claiming), and also pay attention to the rubbish shit other people have done (reviewing). I am officially promoted for interior modification, exterior modification and reviewer modification (wait, that can't be right?? :D)

Hm, that was my small introduction already. In this blog, this post will be followed by many other posts showing you various modding stuff I do at TR. These will be highlighted with pretty screenshots, like my natural cave one I used as the title background.
I have been with TR for some while now and finished quite many interiors, though I will not make posts about these as they are surely a thing of the past, but I will show you (at least, I'll try) every future exterior or interior claim I make.
That said, stay tuned! :D