Friday, September 28, 2012

PC_i1-0: Stirk Lighthouse

Yo folks,

Figured I'd make another interior for Stirk. But it shall not have been a common house interior! Instead, I got my hands on the Stirk Lighthouse, which is quite a special interior.
Let's say, there is an exterior mesh, but no interior mesh coming with the exact same layout. Thus, a clever modder had to come up with some makeshifting in order not to force the keeper into a basement (which is kinda poor if you know what you're doing). I just went ahead and made something nice. Actually, thinking about that, it's probably complete overkill and required about 2 hours of playtesting and constant shifting of objects to make the staircase work. Hell of a job.
But doing easy jobs ain't my purpose, right? So I finally managed to complete this interior today. It has 4 levels, all connected by a single staircase that fills almost the entire interior. (on a side note, the staircase is made of 50+ wayshrine pieces that have really no relation to this interior at all)
May look a slight bit weird, but it did the trick. Included some bits of clutter here and there to cover ugly spots and to make it look a bit more like a lived-in interior.

Take a look at the screenshots!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Special post, vacation news and all that fun stuff

Like I said, this is going to be the last post before I go on vacation for ... 3 weeks.
At this point, I'd like to thank everyone who has been visiting this blog, as well as various people who have supported me, though in order not to forget anybody I will not mention any names. Just saying that I tend to be very amazed by the statistics that blogger gives me, and I am surprised to say that I have gathered quite a... fanbase over the years. Damn it, is it years already? No idea when I started this blog, must've been some time around 2010.

Anyway, like I said, considering how significantly the Morrowind community has shrunk (for whatever reasons), I am glad to see so many people caring about my work, and even commenting on my posts (kudos for that!) Helps my motivation.

On that note, I thought about releasing my Morrowind setup on this blog when I come back as I was asked multiple times on the officials, so stay tuned for that!

That said, I think it's appropriate to release some interesting, some astonishing, and maybe even some disturbing facts:

Tamriel Rebuilt : Baan Malur was visited 1.554 times.

Skyrim: Orc Tent 1 was visited 989 times, more than Claim Mesa and Stirk is finished together.

The blog was visited 18.518 times in total.

340 people searched for "scamps grotto"

This week, somebody found my blog by typing "where is the head of a scamp in skyrim", someone else asked Google about "abecean sea weapons".

7.791 (49%) visitors used Firefox.

4.685 (25%)
Internet Explorer
3.316 (18%)
1.604 (8%)
823 (4%)
Mobile Safari
170 (<1%)
5 (<1%)
4 (<1%)
4 (<1%)
4 (<1%)

16.357 (88%) visitors used Windows.


632 (3%)
445 (2%)
257 (1%)
Windows NT 6.1
224 (1%)
169 (<1%)
169 (<1%)
Other Unix
102 (<1%)
75 (<1%)
37 (<1%)

6.356 visitors come from the United States.

the United Kingdom
Russian Federation
the Netherlands

Finally, I dug out some miscellaneous screenshots from all over my external that I don't think I have shown anywhere. Some are funny, some are spiffy. See ya in three weeks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Karthwasten: House Interior 48


Another interior, this time for Skyrim: Home of the Nords. Praedator finished the Redguard town of Karthwasten a while ago, and we are actually working on these interiors at the moment.
This one's located in the poor quarters and is home to a Breton healer. That said, he's got lots of potions and vials, ingredients and all that fun stuff.
Other than that, I threw in some clutter and that kind of stuff, making sure it all felt poor and lived-in. Not much else to say here, took a screen a few seconds ago that I might show you if you click the tiny link below.

Friday, June 8, 2012

PC_i1-10: Mira's Trade Goods


That title does tell you a lot, doesn't it? Sorry by the way, I wasn't actually doing quite a lot lately that was worth posting here. Figured I'd kick out another interior claim for our next release at Province: Cyrodiil, which is Stirk.
This is a trader's house, her name is Mira. Her husband's a weapon trainer with a specialization on spears, though he also trains long swords, swords and other things. They are a Redguard couple and bought this house from Victus Pilious, a wealthy aristocrat on Stirk. The first floor provides the shop itself and the training area, second floor is a general living area and the highest floor contains the bedroom and other living areas I don't need to talk about here.
I'd love to link you to the whole description of this place, but I am afraid you won't have access to it. This short description of mine will probably suffice though... because I know you're just here for the screenshots! Let's get on with it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yes! It's a winery!

Who doesn't like wineries? Ha! ...

So, this is my latest exterior claim for Skyrim: Home of the Nords! I received this special task due to the Catchy Cawdeen not quite being online that often. That's why I started right away... just to be interrupted by the glorious Mass Effects (3 actually).
But eventually I came close to finishing the thing. With FIRE! But Mass Effect 3 kept pushing. Still, I beat the game soon enough (keep in mind thought that I started a new playthrough of the entire series straight away), so finally I was able to finish the claim today! HA! With new farmhouses.
As you can clearly see from this post, this claim contains a vineyard. Probably the only vineyard in the whole province, I guess; The cold regions of Skyrim aren't that suited for farmstuff. I didn't have the final grapevines though, so the placeholders I used (Wrothgarian Grapes) will have tobe replaced sooner or later. They do look fine though! That said, let's have a look at these maginifiscent screenshots I took just a few minutes ago.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gold Coast Update


Back with some screenshots of the Northern Gold Coast, which I am right now conceptualising. Been working on it for quite some while already, to be honest;  The only stuff I have got done so far are about 5 cells of the region itself, plus two transition cells between Southern and Northern Gold Coast.
I also made a neat Ayleid ruin a while back, called Garlas Agea; Check it out on my screens!
Last but not least, the wayshrine of Akatosh, located just nearby Garlas Agea, has been added as well. A lot of credit should go to Tarius the Mighty here, who is making most of our models at Province: Cyrodiil.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Stirk + Minor Absence


I believe the Stirk exterior is pretty much done now! Wow, I have said that before in a post, haven't I? This time though, I am not going to say almost, or anything like that. There is nothing missing. We even have a chapel!
Also, I was asked to adjust some of my clutter in the streets; Less clutter in the upper districts, while adding more appropriate, ornate things, a mix of all in the middle-class housing and then the poor, rough and overcluttered poor districts. This has all been done, and I have added a great amount of potted plants and tapestries and that kind of stuff to the middle- and upper-class districts. The manor now also looks a lot better.

Now, like I have mentioned, the chapel has also been added. Tarius the Great made a very nice and unique tower model for it, and I made a chapel out of that along with some existing house meshes. Appropriate chapel windows have been added as well. It looks pretty neat and chapel-ish while still fitting the overall Stirk look. Feel free to take a look at the screens below!

Anyway, as you can guess from the blog post, I'll be away for a little while - a little journey. I'll be back in a week though, and then we'll see what I write a  blog post about next. Probably the great Ayleid Ruin Garlas Agea - which I have been working on - turning out quite cool. Some screens of it have already been published on the Official Bethesda Softworks Forums. Now enjoy the brandnew screens!