Friday, January 27, 2012

Stirk + Minor Absence


I believe the Stirk exterior is pretty much done now! Wow, I have said that before in a post, haven't I? This time though, I am not going to say almost, or anything like that. There is nothing missing. We even have a chapel!
Also, I was asked to adjust some of my clutter in the streets; Less clutter in the upper districts, while adding more appropriate, ornate things, a mix of all in the middle-class housing and then the poor, rough and overcluttered poor districts. This has all been done, and I have added a great amount of potted plants and tapestries and that kind of stuff to the middle- and upper-class districts. The manor now also looks a lot better.

Now, like I have mentioned, the chapel has also been added. Tarius the Great made a very nice and unique tower model for it, and I made a chapel out of that along with some existing house meshes. Appropriate chapel windows have been added as well. It looks pretty neat and chapel-ish while still fitting the overall Stirk look. Feel free to take a look at the screens below!

Anyway, as you can guess from the blog post, I'll be away for a little while - a little journey. I'll be back in a week though, and then we'll see what I write a  blog post about next. Probably the great Ayleid Ruin Garlas Agea - which I have been working on - turning out quite cool. Some screens of it have already been published on the Official Bethesda Softworks Forums. Now enjoy the brandnew screens!