Thursday, April 28, 2011



This is a magnificent claim. Some of you might already know that there is going to be an entirely new region in the Velothis release. And what would that be?

The Ash Swamp! Yes! It's a quite magnificent region, actually. People have already stated that on the Bethesda Softworks Forums, and I can only agree! It has new parasols, puffshrooms and fungus hanging from stuff! What a shame we can't release it anytime soon.
Regarding the fact the claim consists of 16 cells (which is a lot), I finished it in quite a short time. That might be because of the fact that the Ash Swamp is soo much fun to make; The set is really cool and you can add a lot of variety by placing fungus and little shrooms. The contrast between his region and the Bittercoast could hardly be greater; A must for vanilla players!
Just a little note: I'll finish another exterior claim consisting at least partially of the Ash Swamp this week. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



long time no see. I finished another interior claim now.
This, apparently, is a manor. The owner is the son of a successful Redoran warrior, probably even a councilor. His father built this manor long ago, and the family used to be quite rich.
Then, everything changed. The father died away, and the son took over the whole place including the rank. He's incompetent though, so soon, CHAOS. He married a rich wife to get out of his situation. Unfortunately, his wife's family lost everything right after the marriage. He was left with a dilemma.
Now he owes other people a lot of money, and they want him to pay. So the last resort is the player... Who might even have the choice to kick him out and take over the manor. Lots of possiblities. Great!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Oh my! It's an interior claim!

This one's in Old Ebonheart, the central imperial city in Morrowind. Additional information: This is the house of an armorer. He makes nice stuff! Selling weapons, armor, repair items and all that kind of stuff, he's not a poor person. Quite the contrary, he is actually one of the richer persons in this city. The armorer is also married and lives together with his wife in the second and third floor of the 3-storey house. It's quite cosy, really. A nice fireplace and fitting chairs can be found in the third floor, as well as a lot of books, a collection of some weapons he seems to like and of course the double-bed, which is awesome and has red pillows.
Unfortunately, I did not decide what race this armorer is supposed to be, however it does not matter much at this stage. Hope I detailed it well enough, 335 objects is not what I call bare though. (However, I deleted some objects later so it might be less, like 330)