Friday, December 24, 2010


And yet another post!

Uh, this is a spooky interior... just kidding.
Actually, this is the place in Necrom where they make bonewalkers. Sounds pretty funny at first, but it is actually a very religious ritual, and not funny at all. I was told to make this tasteful, so it's not a funky workshop with people hammering nails into skeletons. No, I made it spiffy and tasteful. ...
Ahm, k dunno what else to say here, it is just a little building where bonewalkers are made and given their blessings, therefore they shall forever guard tombs and other places of awesomeness.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



This claim should really prove how beautiful the Velothi Mountains are. The concept for the region is pretty simple: Stretched Red Mountain- like hills with green valleys in between, allowing various vegetation. In the higher parts, SNOW. Much snow actually, and it tends to look quite good, so I heard.

However, these valleys are pretty much the main thing that makes this region totally amazing; They are filled with pine trees and spiffy BM grass, I could barely resist overkilling the placing of plants and such (that said, some people not being used to that might even find the not so overkilled version pretty overdetailed).
Now, when I claimed this tiny claim the other day, I was actually thinking it would not take too long, however that was a huge mistake because I was not prepared for my old friends to come up again for breakfast, the Land Tears. Those weren't awesome at all, I mean, by nowhere any awesome, and also terribly underrated. I could not even do a single click on my borders without causing a new tear. I tried everything, but it didn't help.
But then, the mighty Archbeast of Exteriors came to me and killed them all with fire. I was very happy and gave him a cookie for that.
This claim contains a nice little village, though you can't really call it a village as it is very tiny and consists of exactly 3 huts. It is said to be quite cosy though, so I can only second these words. Furthermore, I threw one or two cave entrances in there, I can't remember. Or, probably one entrance, and that is supposed to be an eggmine that nobody will claim, as always. A bit higher in the mountains, you can see a daedric ruin; It can be seen from almost every spot in the claim, as it is a lot higher than the valleys and hills all around. But the most interesting thing within this claim is an ancient burial, a burial being one of the last remains of the old chimer culture. This is supposed to be very old, and thus it is also very primitive. Just a skull, a bugbowl and two or three houseware objects like cups and such. The nice thing about it is that I hid it well by creating a spiffy Scamp-exterior-cave. It also has a nice waterfall. 

Being finally able to finish the claim then, I decided to take some spiffy screenshots and I don't think I should beat about the bush any further and thus I will show you some screenshots in the following.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Sup guys,

The daily claim (lol) is just a transition claim (in the full sense of the word) because on the one hand, it belongs to a long spit of cells that lies between the Thirr River Valley and the Armun Ashlands, and on the other hand, I just claimed it because I wanted to have 4-43 which the core objected to uploading before 4-11 was finished, somehow.
(That said, I have 4-43 now, another snowy claim, YAY)

Well, this claim is really small and barely has anything exciting to look at; It consists partially of the Thirr River Valley style, which is lots of flora and trees, while the other parts are some WGish stuff that was boring to make. The only interesting thing to make and to see here is the little Hlaalu Outpost at the end of a road that has a nearby eggmine as reasoned purpose.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Snow! Winter is coming!

This is a snowy exterior claim! Being part of the Velothi Mountains Region, it includes really high mountains, unclimbable steep terrain and nice valleys with pine trees in between.

The concept of this region is just damn awesome; I really enjoyed making this claim. It also features a nice cosy village I elevated a bit so that the player can have a nice overview of the whole area... if you want to see further, you have to use spells or high acrobatic skills to get to the intended lookout points high in the mountains. From there, you might see the whole map or even the whole Morrowind! :D
Furthermore, it has a nice transition between Southern Velothi Mountains and Northern Velothi Mountains (I dislike the latter a tiny bit, just because Southern Velothi Mountains is more awesome), as you may have noticed, Northern Velothi Mountains is more rocky and with almost no flora.
Quite many people have already stated they want to have quests requiring the player to travel around the Velothi Mountains and also a quest related to the nearby daedric ruin, which looks really amazing in the middle of these pine trees in my opinion.
Additionally, I had to add a bit of ashlandish stuff to the claim to match the surrounding ones, since the Velothi Mountains border the Roth Roryn and the Armun Ashlands at this point.
If you like the screenshots, stay tuned; I might be able to claim another Velothi Mountains claim with snow being further in the north, however I want to make a transition between Northern Velothi Mountains and Southern Velothi Mounains in the north again because stuff is just so damn beautiful.

Also, some of the following screenshots are somewhat older, don't mind any visible changes. Also, some screenshots do as always show some places of surrounding claims, so don't mind dwemer ruins etc. MGE distant land ftw

Friday, November 19, 2010



A medium sized farm is not a farm without storage. In other words, this claim is a storage! :D

A spiffy storage with lots of crates and vases (along with lots of other stuffs), however it is actually nothing important. Just a storage. This is the kind of interior the player barely or never visits because there is nothing important to see here. Though, I made an effort to make the place look slightly interesting by placing stuff around, e.g. broken bottles and broken pitchers (YAY for spiffy TR items). Also, the place is a bit neglected since you might discover cobwebs and yeah, broken stuff scattered around.
And I really don't know what else to write here, so I let the screenshots tell you the rest.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Map 3 Detailing A4West

Time for another blog post!
Today, I'm gonna show you my first exterior detailing claim, A4West. This is exactly along the border between the Almalexia and the Sacred East releases (that said, it is part of the Almalexia release). Along with wilderness, it includes the Player's Indoril Stronghold called Seyda Vano, which the player will get access to when having a high rank in the TR Indoril Faction.
Other than that, this claim is also part of the Thirr River Valley Region, though it consists only of a very small part of that. You can easily tell by the beautiful TR custom trees shown in some of the screenshots below.

However, the entire claim was made up of West Gashish stuff, which was just the opposite of awesome, and thus I killed everything with fire. Furthermore, being unsure with what to fill the now empty space, I was lucky enough to be bordermatching the current Archbeast of Exteriors, the nomeN, and so he made up his typical crazy ideas and filled his claim with Ascadian Isles stuff of awesomeness and I thus copied and pasted the whole thing into my claim. Seriously now, I killed empty space by clicking and dragging objects.

In general, one could really say the claim was fun to make, unfortunately I'm not that kind of guy who writes infinite blog posts and I also kinda lack inspiration today so I can't think of anything suitable or spiritual to say here. That said, I will rather show you some screenshots and all the guys who actually know TR (or those who are smart enough to click the link in this blog) shall have a look at the file too using the Searching Forums.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The famous Thirr River Valley Region holds many secrets and shady places. One of these might be an  inconsiderable cave entrance in a sinkhole many common travellers might even not be able to notice at all. However, every adventurous warrior passing through who was brave enough to enter the grotto never returned.
This claim is one of the best ones I've ever made so far (and one of the largest!). It is the secret residence of a necromancer, a powerful necromancer, who does his stuff pretty well. The claim consists of three cells; the long tunnel leading to a hole at the other end, the Pit of Perdition and the Crypt where the master lives. Perhaps people might want to go back once they see the corpses, but they also feel attracted because the necromancer lures them to visit him in his  mysterious Crypt...

To get into the final cell, the player has to pick up a key hidden in some chest at the bottom of the Pit of Perdition. Once he has the key, he will be able to open the door to the Crypt of Dread and then has the chance to kill the Necromancer.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There is an isolated little hlaalu plantation in the middle of the large Roth Roryn desert. In this plantation, a small farmer lives in his house, continuously doing his everyday job. He likes reading a lot, and he tends to be drunk in the late evening, which makes him scatter broken bottlepieces on the ground.
Not really an important claim, just a farmer's dwelling, I've done that int in exactly 2 hours, sometime this week.



Yeah people, it's time to let this blog come alive! I call myself Scamp. I am also a modder for Tamriel Rebuilt, the mighty  TES III modding project of awesomeness. There, I try to make rubbish shit which is completely awesome (claiming), and also pay attention to the rubbish shit other people have done (reviewing). I am officially promoted for interior modification, exterior modification and reviewer modification (wait, that can't be right?? :D)

Hm, that was my small introduction already. In this blog, this post will be followed by many other posts showing you various modding stuff I do at TR. These will be highlighted with pretty screenshots, like my natural cave one I used as the title background.
I have been with TR for some while now and finished quite many interiors, though I will not make posts about these as they are surely a thing of the past, but I will show you (at least, I'll try) every future exterior or interior claim I make.
That said, stay tuned! :D