Sunday, October 30, 2011

Amber Guard Interior Fixing 01+02 feat. Lestat & Muspila

Hi! Yet another post!

Got a collaboration thing here. I have worked together with Lestat de LionCourt, the Mighty Vampire, and Muspila the Nutcracker.
Actually Lestat gave me the claim with 01 being at 60% and 02 being finished, however, when I posted screens on the Internet Relay Chat, Muspila wanted to have something look differently ending in a huge epic blast battle versus Dirnae the Sarcasm and Praedator the Cluttermonkey, at the end I sent Muspila the file and he made some epic stuff.

Abecean Sea Region


Damn, today I finally finished my seafloor claim for Province: Cyrodiil. It's an incredibly huge amount of cells and each of them has more than 2000 objects in it.


Anyway, it has kelp, rocks, signs of volcanic action and stuff. Also has a huuuge canyon thing with an Ayleid Ruin in it! Hell yeah.
So, you should probably know that I had a little, little nasty bug with this file. In a certain cell range, I could neither select nor move any object. Not only was that very weird, rather strange, but it was also quite disgusting because I could not finish my unfinished seafloor. Oh my. What now? I decided to just place a few rocks in the areas left (which was a hard job, 20 rocks took me 2 hours) and added some shading, done.
The whole thing turned out pretty cool; I have added several points of interest for the player, and there is nearly a full set of glass armor to find there, plus some glass weapons. The seafloor is worth exploring!
To show the player where to find sunk ships and the like, I added remainings of them such as planks or open crates on the water surface.
I imagine there could be some cool quests as well.
A known Morrowind (and Oblivion) bug shows large parts of underwater areas without blur or anything, which is a good thing. I took some screens of that for you to get an idea of how much work this all was ^^ Now enjoy it!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skyrim: Claim Cave 02 (02)


Weird title here, had to make it different by adding an additional 02 in brackets because it's actually the second 02 cave I am making.
Anyway, this is a Skyrim cave! OH my. You would not have thought that, I think, and thus you should know what it's all about.
See, this cave is probably one of the largest and most dangerous places in The whole Reach. It contains the central administration point of the local bandit hordes and isn't far away from Amber Guard. That's why they also have some amber in baskets and such!
However, the cave was tough to make. Not only is it one of my rocky caves, but it's also a quite large cave, I might say. The first cell got over 6000 objects in it (Yes, the cell had to be split but it's still that many!)
I did not intend it to have that many objects though. I wanted to beat Praedator though, who is said to be the cluttermonkey, so it had to go this way.

Enjoy teeh screens!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yo guys,

I am off for a week. Vacation and stuff. I will think about you when I am basking in the sun. Good luck with whatever you are doing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Amber Guard Interior Fixing 05+11


yet another one. Today I have been fixing #05 and #11. (Obviously, duh)

Well, actually I have done #11 yesterday, and today I did #05. Whatever.
So, the first one is just a normal house, yet it has some awesome altar in it for whatever reason, I left it there because it was cool, I think it has a purpose as well.
The second interior is the home of a hunter. It didn't have that purpose before, somehow it was just an almost bare shell with some crates and baskets in it, and then I read somewhere on the forums it should be an inn, and luckily I asked in the thread only to be informed about the fact that Amber Guard should not even have an inn. Nice.
So I made it a home of a hunter instead, not sure if I mentioned that, and now it is the home of a hunter (did you know that??)
Other than that, I chose slightly darker light settings this time because as you might have noticed, my other interiors, or let's say the other interiors that I took screens of didn't feel cozy enough. Too bright. Stuff. Yes.
What's pretty funny is that I found two bad floaters neither in the Construction Set nor in the actual game while playtesting, I found them afterwards when I was looking at the screens. And that not even at first glance either. Let's see if you can find them!



I did not finish this claim. Actually, I wanted to make a cool claim with a spiffy castle and pine forests. But they didn't let me. So I made pine forests, and here we go.
This is definitely the first claim I have ever dropped; And I swear, it's the last one. This might have consequences.
Apart from an empty island on the middle of the lake, there is a cool bridge, a ruined Imperial Outpost, a small camp, a small dock, a cave and a dead man somewhere in the mountains. Did I forget anything?
Anyway, enjoy the screens: Might be the last Tamriel Rebuilt ones I have ever taken.