Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Today, it's time for yet another snowy exterior claim! My last one for a (probably rather short) while, I'm getting tired of placing the same meshes over and over again so I might want to try out some Ash Swamp claim, that is the brandnew region!
However, I digress. It's my duty to tell you about this claim. It includes two rather cool places: A small Redoran hamlet along the road (on a spiffy hill) and a literally cool (GET IT) border pass fort in Dunmer-Stronghold-Style! People are saying is looks pretty good, so I shall trust their estimations. It has a pretty bridge leading to a gate and then I added two firepits with exterior stools and guarcarts! Also, it will have seperate shops and stuff for travellers to pass by, and a main entrance, and a storage, probably. The rest of the pass leading to Skyrim, is,  as always, not accessible (yet).
The village is nothing special.
Other than that, I threw some custom skeletons in and stuck glass arrows into one of them. Lots of snow in this claim, very much fun.

Now, screenshots.->>>

Thursday, March 10, 2011



New claim! A mountainous claim, of course. What a surprise...
This is in central map5 and a really magnificent claim, as many people think. It includes a large crevice/canyon with a hidden Nordic Barrow in it, totally! And it's not hidden at all... damn it.
However, it makes sense that this claim is nice because it has large parts of the road leading to a pass leading to Skyrim. Also, it has nice waterfalls.
Uhm... that was it already? NO! It also has an ice cave, just like 5-15. The higher parts of the claim follow Nemon's concept with the sinkholes and flat, snowy areas. Great! Map5 is truly the best map evar...