Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amber Guard Interior Fixing 09+10


today I fixed two interiors!
Those are located in Amber Guard, which you can find in The Reach, and it's part of our very first release. Of course I am talking about Skyrim - Home of the Nords.
These interiors have been made quite a long time ago, and weren't really up to our new standards, so they had to be fixed. Not much else to say here, look at screens instead.

New promotion

Hi there,

recently, our dear Head of Interior at Skyrim - Home of the Nords, also called SamirA the Mighty, stepped down due to RL boundaries and cakes.
Now, if you put two and two together, you will figure out that the new Head of Interior is me.

So, my new position requires me to work hard and ensure that the quality of interiors at Skyrim - Home of the Nords stays consistent! I am glad to have received this job and I wish SamirA the best luck in whatever he does. He still stays Head of Interiors at Province: Cyrodiil though, no worries.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh my, it's the fern!


You all expected it! Admit it.

Finally I want to show my fern.
Surprisingly, it has 1032 faces. Geezus. That makes using it in Morrowind kind of senseless. It's nice for just looking at though. Enjoy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Stirk is finished



Like it says: Stirk is finished. Let's say almost finished. Basically it's finished.
However, the chapel is still missing. Other than that, nothing should be left. I don't count interiors nor do I count NPCs and dialogue, that's not my job. Or maybe some of the ints, but this post is all about the exterior of the island.
Anyway! I finally got the doors after the bBC (big BSA Crisis) and finished Stirk. Also got the claim map finished, so there is like, nothing preventing us from starting with the next steps. I also took new screens as I made new stuff. That is:

The Ayleid ruin; It's pretty cool considering the fact it's made out of the very few available pieces I had. the interior of the ruin will be connected to a large cavern, which has another entrance in a grotto lying beneath the ruin. The exterior grotto is quite cool, I also took some screens of that for you. The outlying "harbour" of the pirates is also finished. It has a cool camp nearby as well.