Thursday, February 10, 2011


Oh hey, a Necrom claim!

After such a long time, I finally managed to finish another interior claim. This is, like most Necrom claims, a quite important claim. It is the Hall of Pallbearers and Sweeps, located in the Old City.
Now, you will probably ask yourself who those people are. Well, let's begin with the sweeps. Those are cleaners. (WHAT) I mean, that was pretty clear, but the point is that they clean the Necrom catacombs every day. That said, I put a lot of brooms, cloth pieces and brushes in this interior so that it looks appropriate.
The Pallbearers are those transporting the bodies of dead people. They have some stuff in here as well.
Apart from these particular areas there also is a basement that kinda includes two rooms for the general use. A little storage with even more brooms and a spiffy spiderweb, and of course the room where they all eat food and sleep in bunks.
Okay, now there is not much left to say that might be worth listening to (or reading, wtf), so I shall show you some screenshots as always to keep this post all nice and spiffy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Map 3 Detailing A2

And yet another post!


I know you guys remember A4West, the unspiffy detailing claim with Seyda Vano in it. At that time, I would never have thought I would make another detailing claim consisting of the Thirr River Valley Region... especially not the bordering A2 claim... Which was apparently obviously dropped by the Aevenling due to lack of awesomeness and such. 0.o I mean, I claimed it because I had a clean plate without silly Sacred East areas to do and so I decided to give it a go but I wanted to get this done a lot faster than I expected then because I feel like making some mountains in map5 again :D
This claim contains three cities.... (that's a lot):
The first city is probably Dondril, a shack town. Regarding the fact that it is what it is, a shack town, it is quite interesting. Kinda crossroadish, there's one road leading to Old Ebonheart, the Imperial capital in Morrowind, one road leading to A4West and one road...leading to the other two cities.
That said, those are Roa Dyr and Almas Thirr. Roa Dyr is also known as the Tamriel Rebuilt venice. It has nice canals and lanterns, as well as gondolas. Those are fun, as is the whole city. It was done by the Aeven though, I added some crates and urns.
Almas Thirr is the bridge of Thirr, I say. It's actually the only way to cross the Thirr River without taking a boat or getting wet. It's a customized canton with nice lighthouses, I also added some stuff to it, the rest is aevenished.

Oh, and the claim also has a nice daedric ruin called Hadrumnibibi, just to mention it.

Yeah, screenshots...

Map 2 - Necrom


I have not posted anything for a long time 0.o
That's probably because I was busy with this area here. It's basically the whole landscape west of Necrom, and thus the only area in Sacred East that wasn't done exterior-wise. It's quite large, and was actually part of map2, but we are going to include it in our next release, together with Necrom and some unimportant stuff to the south.
Now, I had to deal with a lot of kebraish errors (YAY insider words) and that was definitely not amusing. NOT. I'm not going to go into detail here, however it wasn't only detailing work but also a lot of error-fixing.
Part of this area is, along with some simple mountainous stuff, the Dragon Nest Inn, the city of Akamora, Ayemar (a smallish Indoril fortress across from Azura's Shrine) and... dunno. Probably some misc stuff like Dun Akafell, the spiffy Old Mournhold - style ruin. In general this consists mostly the Mephalain Mountains, but also some nice GL parts and stuff, yeah, stupid daedric ruin somewhere and missing interiors, I shall think. No, wait, stupid interiors, no missing ones D:
This has far too many screenshots to post them all here, I'll give you a nice link to the huge gallery. Have fun!