Sunday, October 20, 2013

Claim Mesa 2

Oh my!

Long time no see! Or no read, rather. Can you believe it? The mesa is back! The infamous monstrosity is returning in an ever so glorious manner! Behold!

This only took me about three or four weeks. I had some time off so I thought I might as well finish it quickly as I had lots of motivation for some good old exterior modding. Turned out rather well, I shall say. You'll be able to find the piece of land to the west, very much on the border to High Rock, and if that doesn't tell you anything, let's just say it's to the northwest of my first mesa.

This new mesa is largely made of the same, dirty, sometimes grassy look with giant trees peaking out and reaching for the sky above them. The spiffy landscape is interrupted by old Reachmen villages. They were among the last things I made in this claim.
Other than that, we have one wilderness cave, a Breton tower ruin, some foodhut thingy in the wilderness, a somewhat hidden Reachmen wayshrine for miscellaneous offerings and, of course, the super awesome barrow of awesomeness. It has waterfalls! You'll recognize some of the shapes from TES:V's barrows (which are super neat). Worsas the Mighty remodeled quite a bit of that stuff for the Morrowind engine.

Moreover, on top of this mesa, you'll find a magnificent hybrid between a small Reachmen hamlet and an ancient Direnni ruin. I thought it looked a bit bland at first, but after adding the details and quite a bit of vertex color (as always) it actually looked half-decent. Enough to satisfy myself, at least.
As you might have noticed, the focus here was to further shape the culture of the natives of the Reach, the Reachmen. For instance, I have made a cremation site in one of the villages where they burn their dead.

In between the villages, you will find an arrangement of rocks similar to Stonehenge. This is a sacred place the Reachmen often visit. It is supposed to look makeshifted, in case you were wondering.

Not sure what else there is to say about this! You should rather take a look at the screenshots before you start hitting your table with your head because silly old Scamp is telling stories again.