Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stirk: PC_i1-50


sup? Today we shall take a look at the first finished Ayleid interior for P:C, and possibly Morrowind, ever! You heard right! This is Wormusoel, the Ayleid ruin on Stirk; you may know it from the alpha already. It is a dark place and (unfortunately) doesn't have a whole lot of clutter (yet). This is because we mostly lack Ayleid furniture and a wider variety of containers. But fear not! It'll all be here in due time.

Cluttering the deeper parts was arguably less work. Why? Because the pirates hide there! The evil, dangerous  location transforms into an even scarier place. Well, that entirely depends on whose side you're on, for the pirates often drink and throw parties in the big hall. Contains too much loot for the player to be able to carry it all.
As for the rest of the cavernous areas, I picked up the idea of using a combination of sand meshes and in_cave_plants, which looks pretty neat and defines a new, unique style of caves introduced by P:C. I also added a couple of mushrooms here and there. Tying the whole thing together with the exterior was definitely a pain in the ass though, since there's two main Ayleid exterior entrances along with a cave entrance down in the grotto AND another entrance which can be accessed through the local crypt. Jesus.

Anyway, here come the screenshots. Since they were pretty damn dark, I brightened them a little in Gimp. Have yourself a wonderful rest of your day!