Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Today, it's time for yet another snowy exterior claim! My last one for a (probably rather short) while, I'm getting tired of placing the same meshes over and over again so I might want to try out some Ash Swamp claim, that is the brandnew region!
However, I digress. It's my duty to tell you about this claim. It includes two rather cool places: A small Redoran hamlet along the road (on a spiffy hill) and a literally cool (GET IT) border pass fort in Dunmer-Stronghold-Style! People are saying is looks pretty good, so I shall trust their estimations. It has a pretty bridge leading to a gate and then I added two firepits with exterior stools and guarcarts! Also, it will have seperate shops and stuff for travellers to pass by, and a main entrance, and a storage, probably. The rest of the pass leading to Skyrim, is,  as always, not accessible (yet).
The village is nothing special.
Other than that, I threw some custom skeletons in and stuck glass arrows into one of them. Lots of snow in this claim, very much fun.

Now, screenshots.->>>

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