Friday, April 1, 2011


Oh my! It's an interior claim!

This one's in Old Ebonheart, the central imperial city in Morrowind. Additional information: This is the house of an armorer. He makes nice stuff! Selling weapons, armor, repair items and all that kind of stuff, he's not a poor person. Quite the contrary, he is actually one of the richer persons in this city. The armorer is also married and lives together with his wife in the second and third floor of the 3-storey house. It's quite cosy, really. A nice fireplace and fitting chairs can be found in the third floor, as well as a lot of books, a collection of some weapons he seems to like and of course the double-bed, which is awesome and has red pillows.
Unfortunately, I did not decide what race this armorer is supposed to be, however it does not matter much at this stage. Hope I detailed it well enough, 335 objects is not what I call bare though. (However, I deleted some objects later so it might be less, like 330)

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