Friday, September 28, 2012

PC_i1-0: Stirk Lighthouse

Yo folks,

Figured I'd make another interior for Stirk. But it shall not have been a common house interior! Instead, I got my hands on the Stirk Lighthouse, which is quite a special interior.
Let's say, there is an exterior mesh, but no interior mesh coming with the exact same layout. Thus, a clever modder had to come up with some makeshifting in order not to force the keeper into a basement (which is kinda poor if you know what you're doing). I just went ahead and made something nice. Actually, thinking about that, it's probably complete overkill and required about 2 hours of playtesting and constant shifting of objects to make the staircase work. Hell of a job.
But doing easy jobs ain't my purpose, right? So I finally managed to complete this interior today. It has 4 levels, all connected by a single staircase that fills almost the entire interior. (on a side note, the staircase is made of 50+ wayshrine pieces that have really no relation to this interior at all)
May look a slight bit weird, but it did the trick. Included some bits of clutter here and there to cover ugly spots and to make it look a bit more like a lived-in interior.

Take a look at the screenshots!


  1. I'm confused because I'm told this is not made with any interior pieces, yet it looks totally natural. No idea how you've done this but it's a great job.

  2. Thank you! No, I did not use any interior shell pieces. In fact, I made the shell of this interior by using four instances of the exterior mesh.