Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stirk: PC_i1-7


Today we are looking at a rich Altmer woman's home in the Stirk upper district.

"Calmanwe used to someone of fairly significant importance in the city of Sunhold in the Summerset Isles. However, over the course of her long life she grew weary of politics. The death of her husband prompted her to leave Sunhold and retire somewhere quiet and out of the way. She chose Stirk."

Having said this, I tried to have some kind of Altmeri feeling going on by stacking flipped over arches from the vanilla com_set. Not sure if I succeeded in the end, but it does look fancy, so at least it was worth something.
Anyway, this person is SUPER RICH. Like, Jay-Z rich (ugh). It was one of my goals for this interior to bring across how huge the difference in wealth is when comparing people like Calmanwe to anyone living in the poor districts. You could probably compare it to New York City in the early 20s. Kinda.

Of course that means there's also lots of loot in this interior! Mostly gold, but who doesn't like to just have some gold coins rather than being forced to sell all the crap to local merchants in order to get the big money? Right. Be careful though... there will likely be some hired guards around, and killer traps watch over treasures in the storage and the bedroom.

Have fun with these screens. They have turned out better than I had hoped, overall.

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