Wednesday, December 22, 2010



This claim should really prove how beautiful the Velothi Mountains are. The concept for the region is pretty simple: Stretched Red Mountain- like hills with green valleys in between, allowing various vegetation. In the higher parts, SNOW. Much snow actually, and it tends to look quite good, so I heard.

However, these valleys are pretty much the main thing that makes this region totally amazing; They are filled with pine trees and spiffy BM grass, I could barely resist overkilling the placing of plants and such (that said, some people not being used to that might even find the not so overkilled version pretty overdetailed).
Now, when I claimed this tiny claim the other day, I was actually thinking it would not take too long, however that was a huge mistake because I was not prepared for my old friends to come up again for breakfast, the Land Tears. Those weren't awesome at all, I mean, by nowhere any awesome, and also terribly underrated. I could not even do a single click on my borders without causing a new tear. I tried everything, but it didn't help.
But then, the mighty Archbeast of Exteriors came to me and killed them all with fire. I was very happy and gave him a cookie for that.
This claim contains a nice little village, though you can't really call it a village as it is very tiny and consists of exactly 3 huts. It is said to be quite cosy though, so I can only second these words. Furthermore, I threw one or two cave entrances in there, I can't remember. Or, probably one entrance, and that is supposed to be an eggmine that nobody will claim, as always. A bit higher in the mountains, you can see a daedric ruin; It can be seen from almost every spot in the claim, as it is a lot higher than the valleys and hills all around. But the most interesting thing within this claim is an ancient burial, a burial being one of the last remains of the old chimer culture. This is supposed to be very old, and thus it is also very primitive. Just a skull, a bugbowl and two or three houseware objects like cups and such. The nice thing about it is that I hid it well by creating a spiffy Scamp-exterior-cave. It also has a nice waterfall. 

Being finally able to finish the claim then, I decided to take some spiffy screenshots and I don't think I should beat about the bush any further and thus I will show you some screenshots in the following.

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