Monday, November 29, 2010


Sup guys,

The daily claim (lol) is just a transition claim (in the full sense of the word) because on the one hand, it belongs to a long spit of cells that lies between the Thirr River Valley and the Armun Ashlands, and on the other hand, I just claimed it because I wanted to have 4-43 which the core objected to uploading before 4-11 was finished, somehow.
(That said, I have 4-43 now, another snowy claim, YAY)

Well, this claim is really small and barely has anything exciting to look at; It consists partially of the Thirr River Valley style, which is lots of flora and trees, while the other parts are some WGish stuff that was boring to make. The only interesting thing to make and to see here is the little Hlaalu Outpost at the end of a road that has a nearby eggmine as reasoned purpose.

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