Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tamriel Rebuilt: i3-696-Ind


new blog post! Another Tamriel Rebuilt interior. Claimed this a few days ago, (might have been yesterday as well) and today I started working on it. Obviously, I also finished it today. YAY

This is the house of a fisherman. Not a poor fisherman, just a regular fisherman. Ex_de_common_fisherman it is, and we all love fishermen! Don't we? Okay.
He has a lot of stuff flying around in this 3x2 room. Even though it's not a big interior, I managed to squash 171 objects in there. That is a lot for an interior with this size! However, I don't feel like making up a super-awesome story about this man, he just lives here and his house is not exactly tidy. Well, have you ever seen me making a tidy house? Probably not!
Some dried fish is hanging here, he also has a fair amount of drinks around. Just like a fisherman.
Finally, I want to show you some screens. Enjoy and stuff.

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