Friday, June 24, 2011

Tamriel Rebuilt: i3-689


blog post time! This is probably the last blog post I write before I go on vacation! YAY
It is, what a surprise, a Llama's Thirr (also known as Almas Thirr) interior, which I have made plenty of already. But this is something new! It's not a poor fisherman's house, not an inn: no! It's a lighthouse!
Not a very special lighthouse, I might say. I didn't really know what to throw in there so I just went with a storage (of course!) and some misc rooms and the lighthouse keeper's quarters. I am happy to say I have more than 300 objects in this interior cell! ...which isn't really that much regarding the fact the building has 4 stories.
Now, I heard that another lighthouse-maker, TheNotSoGreatNess of Silliness, has thrown in boats and ship equipment! I don't have that here... I hope that is not bad.
Well, I can't say much about the keeper. He is probably an average guy, Dunmer or something, not as sloppy as some other persons living in some of my other ints! Especially shacks. I should probably make another shack...
Kthxbai though, see you in a few weeks when I come back and fnish something again!

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