Monday, October 3, 2011

Amber Guard Interior Fixing 05+11


yet another one. Today I have been fixing #05 and #11. (Obviously, duh)

Well, actually I have done #11 yesterday, and today I did #05. Whatever.
So, the first one is just a normal house, yet it has some awesome altar in it for whatever reason, I left it there because it was cool, I think it has a purpose as well.
The second interior is the home of a hunter. It didn't have that purpose before, somehow it was just an almost bare shell with some crates and baskets in it, and then I read somewhere on the forums it should be an inn, and luckily I asked in the thread only to be informed about the fact that Amber Guard should not even have an inn. Nice.
So I made it a home of a hunter instead, not sure if I mentioned that, and now it is the home of a hunter (did you know that??)
Other than that, I chose slightly darker light settings this time because as you might have noticed, my other interiors, or let's say the other interiors that I took screens of didn't feel cozy enough. Too bright. Stuff. Yes.
What's pretty funny is that I found two bad floaters neither in the Construction Set nor in the actual game while playtesting, I found them afterwards when I was looking at the screens. And that not even at first glance either. Let's see if you can find them!

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