Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skyrim: Claim Cave 02 (02)


Weird title here, had to make it different by adding an additional 02 in brackets because it's actually the second 02 cave I am making.
Anyway, this is a Skyrim cave! OH my. You would not have thought that, I think, and thus you should know what it's all about.
See, this cave is probably one of the largest and most dangerous places in The whole Reach. It contains the central administration point of the local bandit hordes and isn't far away from Amber Guard. That's why they also have some amber in baskets and such!
However, the cave was tough to make. Not only is it one of my rocky caves, but it's also a quite large cave, I might say. The first cell got over 6000 objects in it (Yes, the cell had to be split but it's still that many!)
I did not intend it to have that many objects though. I wanted to beat Praedator though, who is said to be the cluttermonkey, so it had to go this way.

Enjoy teeh screens!

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  1. Fantastic Scamp!! Seems like we can start a cluttermonkey family haha. Man Skyrim-HotN will rock for a long long time, as I cannot stay behind :)