Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Karthwasten: House Interior 48


Another interior, this time for Skyrim: Home of the Nords. Praedator finished the Redguard town of Karthwasten a while ago, and we are actually working on these interiors at the moment.
This one's located in the poor quarters and is home to a Breton healer. That said, he's got lots of potions and vials, ingredients and all that fun stuff.
Other than that, I threw in some clutter and that kind of stuff, making sure it all felt poor and lived-in. Not much else to say here, took a screen a few seconds ago that I might show you if you click the tiny link below.


  1. Long time lurker; your screens look [and continue to look] fantastic! Really excited for what you and the province teams are doing. Thanks for keeping us in touch with how things are going!

  2. Thanks for coming by, as well as leaving a comment. :D I really appreciate the feedback.