Friday, June 8, 2012

PC_i1-10: Mira's Trade Goods


That title does tell you a lot, doesn't it? Sorry by the way, I wasn't actually doing quite a lot lately that was worth posting here. Figured I'd kick out another interior claim for our next release at Province: Cyrodiil, which is Stirk.
This is a trader's house, her name is Mira. Her husband's a weapon trainer with a specialization on spears, though he also trains long swords, swords and other things. They are a Redguard couple and bought this house from Victus Pilious, a wealthy aristocrat on Stirk. The first floor provides the shop itself and the training area, second floor is a general living area and the highest floor contains the bedroom and other living areas I don't need to talk about here.
I'd love to link you to the whole description of this place, but I am afraid you won't have access to it. This short description of mine will probably suffice though... because I know you're just here for the screenshots! Let's get on with it!

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