Friday, January 11, 2013

Mesa: Natural Cave


I recently claimed this small cave for Skyrim - Home of the Nords. Well, in comparison to the last one I did, it's pretty small. Anyway, I decided I'd make a grotto with the only purpose of looking pretty. To be fair, there's also a bunch of treasures and loot hidden in it... you might see some valuable stuff in the screens.

The cave is located on a large mesa in the south-west of the Reach, an exterior I have finished some time ago, as you might remember.

So, this interior is pretty. As always, it has tons of stalactites and rocks, and this time, it has waterfalls, too! Yay!
Don't ask me about the textures, it's a retexture mod I'm using, and I really don't know anymore which one.

On other news: I don't just have some screenies this time around, but something better (not that screenshots wouldn't be nice enough already). This time, I got a video.


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