Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Gold Coast screenshots!

Yay for progress!

This one is a major accomplisment. I managed to complete another 5 or 6 cells, bringing me up north to the natural border to the Colovian Highlands, which is going to be our fourth planned release (if I remember correctly). That sounds pretty weird as we haven't even fully released Stirk yet, I know. That's why this is a major accomplishment! I won't be working on this area for quite a while after being entirely done with these cells.

Brina Cross, a medium-sized Colovian town, is just a few cells nearby. I might be working on that soon, so stay tuned for more screenshots coming within the next weeks (hopefully, if I can be bothered).

Anyway! Most of the following screenshots, which I am sure who are all eager to see now, show a ruined imperial outpost. The idea behind this is that it's a haunted place that the Legion doesn't dare to take back - yet. That's where the player might come in.
Lots of creepy noises and green flashlights! Hah. I forgot to add spiderwebs at this point though. Shall do that later on.

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