Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brina Cross


As you might have already guessed, this post is about Brina Cross. But what exactly is that?

Well, you might know this name from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It was a smallish inn along the Gold Road, a place for restless adventurers to ... well, rest (that was awkward). And it wasn't exactly big. Like, one single building, rather small, too.
Since our Cyrodiil is going to be a whole lot bigger than the one shown in Oblivion, we didn't only consider adding more towns in general, no, we also thought about transforming tiny inns along roads into full-grown towns.
Brina Cross Inn, or just Brina Cross now, has been successfully transformed into a smallish, Caldera-sized town. It's location is a significant spot as three different roads meet, so it might get a lot of traffic every now and then.
Now let's turn to the process of building this town. It's basically a healthy mix between Caldera and Old Ebonheart (you might know this from Tamriel Rebuilt, if you don't, you're missing out on something). I liked the idea of putting a lot of houses very close to one another to create a dense, busy atmosphere. Combine that with a half-decent amount of clutter and you're good to go! Eh.
I also included a few of our new Gold Coast houses, as the name suggests, these are small buildings specifically made to fit into this very region. Just a few of those around, they make for a nice poor quarter, if you can even say that in a town of this size.
Lots of ivy around! I wanted to give this town a natural, overgrown look. Pain in the ass to place these things, though. Now take a look at these screens. More than usual, I just couldn't get enough.

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