Saturday, April 6, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 20

Hi there,

back with another Karthwasten interior! You are going to be looking at a Nord trader right in the middle of the city. Tricky exterior, but nothing I can't handle. Maybe I makeshifted a bit too much again, but that's just what I do and what I'm known for. The recent adjustments Muspila has made to our tileset (especially the transition pieces and columns) have been incredibly useful here and spared me a lot of work.

Anyway! This is actually nothing special, just one of those places you're likely to visit over and over again to sell your immensely useful loot. Sells basic misc items, food, cheap armor/weapons and cheap potions. Sounds quite cheap, no? He also has apples.

Have fun with those screenshots.

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