Saturday, June 22, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 61


good ol' Karthwasten interiors, they never get boring.

This time, I made a poor home of an Argonian herder! He lives in this shrouded house of awesomeness just by himself. I actually thought he had moonsugar in one of the barrels when I checked the interior ingame, but it was just the rather misleading icon of our cloudy corn.

Anyway, he has a wooden staff, candles, broken crates and all that fun stuff. Not a very interesting interior overall, but I tried to come up with some cool things, such as iron hooks attached to ropes hanging from the ceiling.

Sorry for the darkness on those screens, my new color palette kind of messes up interiors when it comes to that.

Also: These are the first interior screenshots shown on this blog using the new per-pixel lighting feature from MGE XE! Beautiful stuff.

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