Tuesday, June 18, 2013



as many of you might not know, I have been working on Stirk again within the last two weeks in order to prepare for our next release, which will be the full version with NPCs, quests, additional seafloor and all that fun stuff. Next, the file will be passed on to SamirA for some interior fixes, and he'll send it straight on to Terrifying Daedric Foe for the hard work.

We've received a few error reports that have been quite helpful overall with eliminating any kinds of issues there might be with the Stirk exterior. I did find a lot more, though.

To sum it all up, I fixed a whole lot of errors regarding terrain, object placement, groundcover, ground textures, all of that. Plus, I added a smallish pond next to the Stirk chapel and made a neat trickle thing for it, too. Apart from a couple of general terrain and object fixes, I also adjusted a lot of the clutter throughout the town to satisfy not only all the whiners out there, but also myself at some point. I can assure you that it looks much better now.

Furthermore, I merged Stirk with all the seafloor claims, including the large area I might have shown off on this blog a while back.

Anyway there's probably a lot more that I should list that I forgot about, like replacing vanilla containers with our own ones and replacing vanilla chimneys with custom Stirk ones, much to tell about. I didn't keep my list though, so this must suffice.

On another note: I have set up my Morrowind from scratch again! Yay! It was kinda broken after a certain time period of messing with it a little too much. That said, this new setup doesn't have custom weather colors yet, but it has a beautiful sun and a new custom enb color palette that I made. Feel free to stay for some screens, as usual.



  1. Oh my lord. This looks amazing.

  2. Stirk is looking damned nice there. Want to give this a try...

  3. Cheers! I hope we can release the final version of Stirk fairly soon so that you guys can run around the reworked exterior.