Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stirk Review Session 1

I'm back!

First thing I do? Lots of reviews at P:C! To be fair, there's lots of reviews to be done over at ShotN, too... but there's only so much one person can do. Really, again, sorry for the lack of updates, I probably lost any followers I had if I even had any. But I am back, and I may post more things again. From next week on, I'll be on vacation for two weeks; fear not! After that, I'll have more free time. Before I go though, I'll do some more reviews and post screenshots. Stay tuned for that.

So what interiors did I look at today? We got a warehouse, two appartments, the town hall + jail and an Ayleid ruin called Vabriasel. Keep in mind these interiors are all interiors you guys will be able to visit when Stirk comes out. With these reviews done, we are one step closer to that happening.

I actually forgot one interior: The home of an eccentric alchemist. He has lots of plants in his cellar, and behind two, heavily locked doors you will be able to salvage some Grandmaster alchemy gear... Definitiely something worth checking out, the Ghostgate of of Stirk if you know what I'm saying. Need some extra cash early into the game? Visit the crazy alchemist. No shit, we may have to replace the stuff so that such expensive gear is not so easily accessible.

Eh, that's it for today, I guess. Enjoy those new screenshots and have a wonderful rest of your day.


  1. I really like the way Ayleid ruins look in Morrowind. They fit so nicely.

    1. Couldn't agree more! Thanks for the comment, btw. Makes me feel less lonely in here :D

    2. No problems. I follow TR closely, eagerly waiting for each new update. Province: Cyrodiil is another favourite of mine, but it seems the work on it is really slow these days, and it's just nice to see the gears are turning. Love how Breena Cross' street spirals up the hill; can't wait to see more of Colovia fleshed out.

      I consider joining the team to help out a little, since I have a lot of free time for the next few months, but I haven't been into modding for a long while. Gotta get myself into shape first.

    3. We could use some help indeed. Looking forward to maybe seeing your contributions, then :)