Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stirk Review Session 2

More reviews...

no seriously, we're getting closer with every finished interior! Yay! And there's five more of them! Today's interiors range from poor interiors to middle-class apartments to rich interiors with indoor gardens. Plenty of screenshots for everyone, too.

Let's see - the first interior is the home of Caperno family, made by Praedator, the Mighty Cluttermonkey of Awesomeness. And there was quite a bit of clutter in here, believe me. Anyway, Theseus Caperno is some super rich Imperial merchant, who is now retired, living on Stirk with his Breton wife.

Second interior would be a middle class apartment inhabited, among others, by healer Sharli and Octavio Capillius, who works at the local Census & Excise office. Oh, we love taxmen.
Anyway, Praedator made up some nice background for this interior - apparently there's a lot of heavy gambling and drinking going on on the top floor, while Sharli lives below and, while not being fond of gambling and stuff of such sort, probably causes trouble every so often.

Another interior is owned by the Leclerc family. Josette Leclerc is also in possession of a clothing shop in town, so players will probably be rather familiar with her. Since this is not the shop, it's just another middle class home, although well done by Luxray. I persuaded him to finally claim another interior, hehe.

Also in today's collection is an apartment building inhabited by an older Breton, Irbrand, who used to adventure with the head of Mages Guild in Anvil. Not too soon after, he became a priest at the local chapel; however, he doesn't hold that position anymore.
Who else lives here? Eponis Albuttian! In all honesty, what the fuck kind of name is that? Lol. Anyway, she's an old Imperial woman and has a husband, Severin Albuttian, working as a manager at the grain store.

Are you not bored yet? I've got one more... pretty cool interior with the infamous indoor garden. Not the first one to be made in the Morrowind modding history, but nicely executed regardless. This interior is the holiday home of a noble family from the Imperial City, so the player is unlikely to face the actual owners of the house. Instead, you'll likely be able to talk to Edwyn Niniel, their housekeeper.

Well, I guess that's it for today's reviews (actually it took me longer than just a day to review all these; Praedator does place a lot of clutter...). I shall work on my ShotN cave next, so (perhaps) stay tuned for some screens of that. Have a fine day and take a look at these screenshots!


  1. Amazing work and looks great as always!
    Love your blog I'm a huge fan of your brilliant work!