Sunday, November 7, 2010


The famous Thirr River Valley Region holds many secrets and shady places. One of these might be an  inconsiderable cave entrance in a sinkhole many common travellers might even not be able to notice at all. However, every adventurous warrior passing through who was brave enough to enter the grotto never returned.
This claim is one of the best ones I've ever made so far (and one of the largest!). It is the secret residence of a necromancer, a powerful necromancer, who does his stuff pretty well. The claim consists of three cells; the long tunnel leading to a hole at the other end, the Pit of Perdition and the Crypt where the master lives. Perhaps people might want to go back once they see the corpses, but they also feel attracted because the necromancer lures them to visit him in his  mysterious Crypt...

To get into the final cell, the player has to pick up a key hidden in some chest at the bottom of the Pit of Perdition. Once he has the key, he will be able to open the door to the Crypt of Dread and then has the chance to kill the Necromancer.


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