Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Map 3 Detailing A4West

Time for another blog post!
Today, I'm gonna show you my first exterior detailing claim, A4West. This is exactly along the border between the Almalexia and the Sacred East releases (that said, it is part of the Almalexia release). Along with wilderness, it includes the Player's Indoril Stronghold called Seyda Vano, which the player will get access to when having a high rank in the TR Indoril Faction.
Other than that, this claim is also part of the Thirr River Valley Region, though it consists only of a very small part of that. You can easily tell by the beautiful TR custom trees shown in some of the screenshots below.

However, the entire claim was made up of West Gashish stuff, which was just the opposite of awesome, and thus I killed everything with fire. Furthermore, being unsure with what to fill the now empty space, I was lucky enough to be bordermatching the current Archbeast of Exteriors, the nomeN, and so he made up his typical crazy ideas and filled his claim with Ascadian Isles stuff of awesomeness and I thus copied and pasted the whole thing into my claim. Seriously now, I killed empty space by clicking and dragging objects.

In general, one could really say the claim was fun to make, unfortunately I'm not that kind of guy who writes infinite blog posts and I also kinda lack inspiration today so I can't think of anything suitable or spiritual to say here. That said, I will rather show you some screenshots and all the guys who actually know TR (or those who are smart enough to click the link in this blog) shall have a look at the file too using the Searching Forums.

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