Thursday, February 10, 2011


Oh hey, a Necrom claim!

After such a long time, I finally managed to finish another interior claim. This is, like most Necrom claims, a quite important claim. It is the Hall of Pallbearers and Sweeps, located in the Old City.
Now, you will probably ask yourself who those people are. Well, let's begin with the sweeps. Those are cleaners. (WHAT) I mean, that was pretty clear, but the point is that they clean the Necrom catacombs every day. That said, I put a lot of brooms, cloth pieces and brushes in this interior so that it looks appropriate.
The Pallbearers are those transporting the bodies of dead people. They have some stuff in here as well.
Apart from these particular areas there also is a basement that kinda includes two rooms for the general use. A little storage with even more brooms and a spiffy spiderweb, and of course the room where they all eat food and sleep in bunks.
Okay, now there is not much left to say that might be worth listening to (or reading, wtf), so I shall show you some screenshots as always to keep this post all nice and spiffy.

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