Sunday, February 6, 2011

Map 2 - Necrom


I have not posted anything for a long time 0.o
That's probably because I was busy with this area here. It's basically the whole landscape west of Necrom, and thus the only area in Sacred East that wasn't done exterior-wise. It's quite large, and was actually part of map2, but we are going to include it in our next release, together with Necrom and some unimportant stuff to the south.
Now, I had to deal with a lot of kebraish errors (YAY insider words) and that was definitely not amusing. NOT. I'm not going to go into detail here, however it wasn't only detailing work but also a lot of error-fixing.
Part of this area is, along with some simple mountainous stuff, the Dragon Nest Inn, the city of Akamora, Ayemar (a smallish Indoril fortress across from Azura's Shrine) and... dunno. Probably some misc stuff like Dun Akafell, the spiffy Old Mournhold - style ruin. In general this consists mostly the Mephalain Mountains, but also some nice GL parts and stuff, yeah, stupid daedric ruin somewhere and missing interiors, I shall think. No, wait, stupid interiors, no missing ones D:
This has far too many screenshots to post them all here, I'll give you a nice link to the huge gallery. Have fun!

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