Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stirk Update


long time no blog post... I have been taking a few screenshots recently, so I might show them here.

Stirk is an island which lies between Hammerfell and Cyrodiil, and this is obviously part of Province:Cyrodiil. Being the Head of Exteriors, I have taken the pleasure to make it; including the Ayleid Ruin and the city on it. An entirely new exterior set has been modelled for this; Especially the lighthouse is considered one of the greatest models ever made for Morrowind.
The city itself has about 40 interiors; With that, it's about medium sized for our standards. Our main cities in Cyrodiil will be of a much greater size (about 80 interiors or w/e), and this is the smallest.
We are going to release Stirk as a file "showcasing" our mod to the public. A lot of progress on Cyrodiil has been made in the past and many people are eager to see what we will come up with; However, with ZackG losing all of his stuff we had to start over and take a new direction.
Back on topic: The lighthouse area is finished, and progress on the city is underway. It will also have a graveyard, which is only a placeholder for now.
Enough text; Here are some selected screenshots.

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