Sunday, August 14, 2011

Skyrim: Claim Mountain


what a rediculous name for the blog post. But that's what it was called when I got the files from Lestat, the mighty Skyrim-maker and project leader. He gave me a file with some terrain in it and I had to apply textures and finish the whole terrain layout. I gave the stuff back to him, and he generated the grass, and then he sent it over to me again. And I started to work on it... after, like, eh, 3 or 4 weeks. Damned vacation.
Anyway, it's a mountain on the border between The Reach and Haafinheim. It's considered a Reach claim, however, the region style of the landscape is mostly Haafinheim Forest and small bits of the Snowhawk County. I tried to make a good transition in the south-western part of the claim.
What does the claim contain? It has 2 or 3 caves (can't quite remember the exact number), a Reman Ruin ( I think you know these from Oblivion, however, the mesh was missing when I took the screens due to my stupidity and thus you can't see it here. Furthermore, I included a Nordic barrow.
Then, an interesting idea has come up on the forums: We are going to have beacons on our peaks of the mountains. YAY. The idea is to make a tribute to the Lord of the Rings. Well, not really, but we want to kinda steal the idea of the Skyrim kings using the beacons to easier communicate with each other. Nearby is a hut.

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  1. Beautiful work! I love the atmosphere of the forest, feels cold and foresty.