Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tamriel Rebuilt : Baan Malur


you have all waited for it! post time! No seriously, in this post I am finally going to showcase Baan Malur, the former capital of House Redoran. I finished this some days ago, but actually I forgot to make a blog post about it because I am damn lazy and didn't move my ass because I knew it'd have to be a long post... not.
So, this is the former location of the Redoran Council, and while the council has been moved to Ald'ruhn (which we all know), the actual Council Hall in Baan Malur is still present. It's located in the center of the city, and you can see it from everywhere. Unfortunately, windows and doors are still missing (see screenshots).
Anyway, what else can you find in this magnificent city? Yes! An arena. I personally hope we make some kind of faction or questline for it as I really tried to make a good arena, out of Redoran architecture. Yes, the Narsis arena is lame! Lame.
The city itself is surrounded by large, pointy rocks (which may look a tiny bit creepy and unstable). It is opened to the entrance of the bay where ships can enter and be unloaded at the docks. The other entrance of what used to be a collapsed cave is locked by a great wall, which you can even walk on!
Discover the great secrets that lie beyond the gates of Baan Malur! Talk to over 1000 NPCs, enter misterious dungeons and interiors, and be happy and kill all the guards! Everything for JUST $99,99. Now at Scampstore.
The truth is, it's free for download if you find it on the Tamriel Rebuilt forums.
Other than that, let me tell you about the size of the city: It shall be 4 cells. Also, it contains 86 interiors. Quite a lot, aren't it?
The temple entrance was voted #2 of the best Velothi Temple entrances. #1 is, I can reveal, the Kogotel temple. (rating by arvisrend)
Now come the screenshots, I don't want to write anything else.