Sunday, March 3, 2013

Karthwasten: House Interior 95


I'm back with a fancy Karthwasten interior for Skyrim - Home of the Nords. There are plenty of those to pick up, so I'll make sure you better not get tired of seeing posts about them!

I figured I'd pick this one up while reviewing the countless piles of to-be-reviewed interiors sitting on the boards D: Our modders are way too active. (Hah, not that I should be complaining about that)

Anyway! This is a farmer's farmhouse (duh). It has plenty of apples and a lot of cloudy corn, too. Pain in the ass to place these ingredients in baskets, that's for sure. Actually took me around half an hour straight to make this little thing. Not a big deal at all. Just something to keep you guys busy reading it.

-> Screenshot time!

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