Friday, March 22, 2013

[Lulz] More Gold Coast Screens? Sure.

I know, I know.

These areas are becoming boring, right? But I have nothing else to show at the moment! No complaining allowedz.
Actually, I've been busy doing interior reviews for Karthwasten at Skyrim - Home of the Nords, as well as making ShotN and Province: Cyrodiil interior claims (one for each, actually...).

Thus, no progress on the Northern Gold Coast has been made. We are still looking at the area around Brina Cross, expect me to work on that soon enough. I'll be on vacation (lol, again?) next week, but stay tuned after that! I'll be having something extra special for you guys, too. I know some people are interested in seeing my MGE setup in something other than screenshots.

In other words: This is old stuff, but it's fancy. A few screenshots I took while trying some stuff out, related to my little extra surprise! It's gonna take a little while (a few weeks...) until I get that ready though.

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