Sunday, March 24, 2013

PC_i1-0: Census & Excise

Hi again!

Before I head off for a short vacation time of sorts, I'll be dropping another blog post with spiffy screens for you to look at. This time around, we are going to glance at the Census and Excise office in Stirk.

Now who doesn't remember the Census and Excise of Seyda Neen! The first thing you see in this game after leaving that ship with the Dunmer coward. I tried to stick somewhat true to the original vanilla style of this place, while implementing new things and elements. Of course, this thing has a lot more clutter and detail overall. Each cell (there's two of them) has around 650-700 object references.

I divided this claim into two parts: Mostly because the exterior (bashing myself, yay!) had a silly ass round tower incorporated into a rectangular building. Blasphemy! I gave the interior piece a quick look and decided to makeshift an octagonal shell in a seperate shell, much easier (and also more impressive...)

First cell has general bureaucratic garbage flying around all over the place, this should be where the big stuff is at. The two upper floors consist of the guard quarters and a little saloon of sorts. Fancy.

Second cell (the octagonal beauty) has a storage in the upper part, while the main area is the C&E archives. Lots of books! I think I counted around 120, cluttered around five shelves. Along with some misc items, this area does look like a well-preserved (...) and oldish archive thingy. I'm certain people will enjoy it.

Other than not having annoying voices telling you how interesting and not quite being capable of being released you are, there's not much to say about this interior. Ran into some trouble testing this baby because collision's fucked up with our doors, someone gotta fix that before the next release starts rolling out.

Have fun, and take care.

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